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The State Liability Insurance Policy Threatened !!!

Recently NYSORVA’s Insurance carrier became aware that our liability insurance was being applied to an event that it was not intended for. They notified NYSORVA that they were ready to cancel the entire policy. A policy designed for clubs to insure their trails and club member events. Through this blatant disregard for the Clubs in the rest of  NYS, put the insurance program at risk.

NYSORVA was forced to issue a statement to all the entities involved that it was not the intent of the insurance policy to cover large-scale public events and that any such events would not be covered.  Ultimately the event was able to get Special Event Coverage through NYSORVA’s insurance agent.  They also instituted a system that requires all clubs to obtain approval of all events prior to them. Thus assuring that this never happens again.

Some are saying that we don’t support the event in question.  Which is absurd, because NYSORVA supports all ATV events, as long as they are properly insured and all participants respect their fellow riders and the environment. Regardless of who they obtain the insurance from. We have an obligation as a group to minimize the negatives associated with our sport. Even if that means insisting that ATV events are properly insured.

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