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DEC meeting in Braser Falls

Yesterday NYSORVA’s President attended a DEC UMP public meeting in Brasser Falls.  It was well attended by mostly ATV’ers. There were 10 different speakers. The DEC prepared a powerpoint presentation outlining the policies for that region.  From the start they cut right to the recreation portion of their presentation, of which was there policy for ATV’s on Brasser forest, knowing that was the hot topic for many that were there. The policy dictates when ATV’s may be allowed on this property. That is  when it is needed for a pass through trail and for the CP3 program for the handicapped, that’s it. Many in the audience made suggestions that the DEC wrote down. When questioned further, they are not able to do anything. They are bound by the “Stategic plan” and dispite many objections to the plan, it was implemented in late 2011. There will be a second meeting this Saturday morning. Refer to www.dec.ny.gov for more info.

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