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From all of us at NYSORVA Have A Happy New Year!!

Remember if you are a rider,  join a club, if your in a club, have your club join NYSORVA.

This coming year will be the most active that you have seen from us in a long time.  We will have more events that benifit NYSORVA, we will lobby hard for  “ATV Reform”. There are many things that have changed with ATV’s since the 80’s and we aim to change them. We are committed to creating unity amoungst the clubs throughout the State and move forward their interests.  We will launch the “I ATV” campaign, showing the diversity of the ATV community. Look for online tools to help send our messages to Albany. We will continue to provide clubs with quality liability insurance at an affordable price. We are looking at raising the Per Occurrance amount to $2million, while holding the price the same. Remember be active and ride safe!

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